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Home fragrance | Amazonia Tour

Rich aroma of green with woody accords.
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Imagine the smell of the dense green of the Amazon jungle during the rainy season. Saturated notes of green, wood, and floral accords – that's what Amazon Tour sounds like.

  • Fragrance group: woody, green
  • Suitable for any space
  • Best for a room of up to 30 m²
  • Depending on the room's temperature, size, and humidity, the aroma lasts up to 4-8 weeks
  •  Top notes: galbanum, incense, bergamot, green notes
  •  Heart notes: magnolia, lily of the valley, geranium
  •  Base notes: musk, amber, cedar
How to Use
  • Prepare the diffuser for use: take off the bottle's concrete cap and protective membrane. 
  • Tighten the cap. Be careful and do not clamp not to break the glass. 
  • Put the wooden sticks into the diffuser. We recommend starting from 1-2 sticks and regulating the quantity depending on what intensity of the aroma you want. 
  • Enjoy the smell of the home fragrance and the surrounding atmosphere.
Ethyl alcohol (den.) (cas №: 64-17-5), parfum, aqua.

After the usage of the home fragrance, you can give the glass bottle for recycling. We recommend using the concrete cap as an aroma sachet for closet shelves or dresser drawers.  
The aroma diffuser has the MSDS safety sheet and SES certificate of Ukraine. Does not contain any chemical fixatives harmful for the respiratory system. 
Not tested on animals. Storage data: 4 years.

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