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Privacy & Cookies Policy
What is Personal Data and who is natural person?
Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Definition “natural person” means any individual who is surf Sister’s Aroma website https://sistersaroma.com/ (hereinafter “Website”) via mobile device or computer and buy some services or products there. An identifiable natural person also is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person        (Art. 4 GDPR, item 1).

Who is Sister’s Aroma?
Sister’s Aroma SP. z.o.o. and its affiliates or/and subsidiaries (hereinafter “Sister’s Aroma”) collects and processes Personal Data of natural person in accordance with this Privacy & Cookies Policy and under data protection legislation. We act as a data controller when processing data of natural person. Legal dates about us:
name:  Sister’s Aroma SP. z.o.o.
address: 00-831, Poland, Warsaw, Twarda 44 str.
KRS number: 0000977109
NIP: 5273017918
REGON: 523030588
e-mail: poland@sistersaroma.com
phone number:  +48 833 131 973

What Data Sister’s Aroma collects?
Sister’s Aroma can collect, use and store difference types of personal data. We will never collect, use and store unnecessary personal data from natural person and do not process information in any way as specified in Privacy & Cookies Policy. Types of personal data which Sister’s Aroma collect and process may include the following: 
1. client’s (natural person) data:
- name and/or surname;
- title;
- e-mail;
- phone;
- name of company;
- organization number and address;
- delivery address;
- links to natural person on social networks;
2. data transaction:
- information of payments from natural person and other information about services or goods ordered from Sister’s Aroma.
3. financial data:
- bank account and credit or debit card information, billing and invoice information, payment methods.
4. contact with Sister’s Aroma:
- type of natural person business and other information or records created as a result of contact with Sister’s Aroma. For example, it may be telephone conversation, online contact, contact via e-mail, physical post or messengers like Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp and others. 
5. technical data:
- IP address, date and time of inquiry, request content, access status/http status code, website making the request, browser, operating system and its interface, language and browser software version.

Sister’s Aroma and its third-party partners may use difference types of technologies to collect and store information of natural person, which may include cookies and similar tracking technologies. Sister’s Aroma use this information to measure the performance of natural person      e-mail or phone number campaigns, to provide analytical information, enhance the effectiveness of sell products or provide services by Sister’s Aroma, and other purpose mentioned on this Privacy & Cookies Policy.
Cookies are small text files sent by Sister’s Aroma to natural person computer, mobile device which allows to improve Sister’s Aroma Website. Cookies are unique for natural person account or browser. Session-based saves when natural person browser is open and are automatically deleted when natural person will close browser. Persistent cookies last until browser of natural person delete them or until they expire. The cookies placed via the Website cannot damage device or the files stored on it.
Natural person will be notified about the use of cookies when first visit of Sister’s Aroma Website. If natural person does not want that Sister’s Aroma or partner to collect information through cookies, natural person can set up choice via the Cookies Preference Centre at any time.
A lot of browsers give to natural person opportunity to manage cookies according natural person suit. In some browsers, natural person can set up rules to manage cookies on a site-by-site basis, giving natural person more fine-grained control over your privacy. This means that natural person can disallow cookies from all sites except those is trusted. If natural person limits the ability of Websites and applications to cookies, it may be worsening overall user experience or lose the ability to access the services. Natural person may also to stop to save customized setting (for example, login information). More about cookies: https://allaboutcookies.org/european-privacy-laws.

When Sister’s Aroma collect Person Data?
- when natural person visits Website;
- when natural person fills in contact forms on Sister’s Aroma Website;
- when natural person follows newsletter, which offered on Sister’s Aroma Website;
- when natural person contacts Sister’s Aroma via phone, including messengers, e-mail, chatting on Website or via social networks; 
- Sister’s Aroma may get personal data of natural person when tap the button in social networks: “like”, “follow/follow us”, or interact in another way with official pages of Sister’s Aroma on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms.

When Sister’s Aroma use Personal Data?
Sister’s Aroma will never disclose, share or sell personal data without permission of natural person, unless required authorised under the law. The purposes and causes for collecting and processing personal data are mentioned below:
1. contract purpose:
- to fill in the contract information about natural person in time of conclude contract such as: name and surname, phone number, e-mail and delivery address;
- to conclude contract, perform, manage and enforce the services or sell products including any related contract, additional documents like annexes, amendments and etc.;
- to share personal data with partner, to provide services or sell products to natural person;
- to manage payments or fees and charges;
- to inform natural person about changes/amendments to all providing services or selling products, and Privacy & Cookies Policy;
- when Sister’s Aroma send to natural person ordered products on Website and these products will send through own efforts or logistic (post) company;
- to inform approximately time of provide service or delivery products to natural person.

2. legal purpose: 
- for statistic, market analysis and research;
- for training of Sister’s Aroma employs or authorized person and ensure the quality of products and services provided by Sister’s Aroma;
- to analyse and improve Sister’s Aroma products and services;
- to send products to natural person by post (logistic companies);
- to share natural person personal data with authorized government bodies under the law;
- to support Sister’s Aroma business processes;
- to monitor, check out and record communications natural person and Sister’s Aroma;
- from time to time send to natural person marking information, useful information, newsletter, new proposes, work schedule of Sister’s Aroma stores;
- to inform natural person about review of claims result (if any);
- to inform about contact responsibility person of Sister’s Aroma who will contact with natural person;
- to abide legal commitments.

Rights of natural person
Natural person has rights related personal data which Sister’s Aroma storage:
1. natural person has right to receive a copy of personal data Sister’s Aroma holds about natural person and to check if these personal data processing under the law. Is commonly known as a “data subject access request”;
2. natural person has right to make changes to incomplete or inaccurate personal data Sister’s Aroma holds. New natural person data may be checked by Sister’s Aroma for future processing;
3. natural person can ask Sister’s Aroma to delete natural person personal data if there are no reason for further processing by Sister’s Aroma. This rule also works when Sister’s Aroma did not have a rights process personal data before and if Sisters Aroma should to remove personal data accordance with law;
4. natural person has right to delete personal data when natural person has successfully exercised right to object processing data by Sister’s Aroma. Natural person enables to ask Sister’s Aroma to stop the processing of personal data in the following situations: 
- if natural person wants to be sure that personal data correctly;
- if the processing Sister’s Aroma personal data unlawful but natural person does want to ask Sister’s Aroma to delete it;
-  if natural person wants to processing and save personal data by Sister’s Aroma even there are no reason, but it is need to exercise or defend legal claims. Or if natural person to object use personal data, but Sister’s Aroma need to check whether Sister’s Aroma has important legal grounds to use it.
5. natural person has right to drop consent to processing of the personal data at any time. Any withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing that was processed before drop natural person consent. If natural person will withdrawal consent to the processing of personal data Sister’s Aroma will have not ability to provide some services or sell products to natural person. Anyway, Sister’s Aroma informs natural person about mentioned above while natural person dropping consent to processing of personal data. 
6. natural person has the right to object to Sister’s Aroma use or processing of the personal data when natural person feels it impacts natural person rights and freedoms. Sometimes Sister’s Aroma may to provide legal proof of processing or use of the personal data which override natural person rights and freedoms. Mentioned above proof should contain reference to the law.
In order to use described above rights please contact Sister’s Aroma (please tap below “ info@sistersaroma.com ”). 
If Sisters Aroma receive a request from natural person to exercise any of mentioned above rights, Sister’s Aroma may ask natural person to verify identity before acting under request. It is needs for ensure that personal data is protected and kept security.

Share and disclosure of personal data of nature person
Sister’s Aroma do not share or disclosure any of nature person personal data without consent of nature person, other than for the purpose mentioned under this Privacy & Cookies Policy or where is legal requirement. Sister’s Aroma may use the services of third party for provide and sell products to natural person. All processors acting on Sister’s Aroma behalf only process natural person data according to Sister’s Aroma instructions and abide this Privacy & Cookies Policy and law.
Measures to protect of personal data
- Sister’s Aroma gives seriously and take reasonable measures to protect and secure personal data of natural person;
- Sister’s Aroma takes all necessary measures to prevent accidental loss, use or accessed in unauthorized way, altered or disclosed of nature person personal data;
- Sister’s Aroma implemented process to elimination of security violations of personal data or accidents and will inform natural person and any applicable regulator of a suspected breach or incident where we are legally required to do so;
- if Sister’s Aroma will transfer personal data of natural person, we require that they secure measures to protect personal data. Sister’s Aroma does not give any rights third party use personal data to their own purpose. Third party can use personal data of nature person for specified purpose and in accordance with provided by Sister’s Aroma instructions.

International Data Transfer
Sister’s Aroma may transfer personal data of natural person outside European Union for pursuant to the obligation of this Privacy & Cookies Policy or law when:
- the destination country has been deemed to provide an adequate level of protection for personal data by the European Commission;
- the service provider/product seller is bound by relevant and specific contractual obligations required under applicable data protection laws.

Consequences of not providing personal data of natural person
Sister’s Aroma is not obliged to provide personal data of natural person. Anyway, this information needs for sell products/provide services by Sister’s Aroma or third party to natural person. In case of not providing required information, Sister’s Aroma cannot guarantee providing of some services or selling products to natural person.

How long Sister’s Aroma store personal data of natural person 
Sister’s Aroma only stores personal data for as long as is necessary. In saving personal data, Sisters Aroma considers:
- duration of the purposes for which Sister’s Aroma collect personal data and duration that Sisters Aroma is obliged to provide services or sell products;
- fulfilling and managing relationship between Sisters Aroma and natural person;
- Sister’s Aroma also saves personal data of natural person for fulfil regulatory, accounting, reporting a legal requirements or guidance.

Age limit
Processing shall be lawful only if and to the extent that the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes. The processing of the personal data of a child shall be lawful where the child is at least 16 years old. Where the child is below the age of 16 years, such processing shall be lawful only if and to the extent that consent is given or authorised by the holder of parental responsibility over the child. Some countries may provide by law for a lower age for those purposes provided that such lower age is not below 13 years.

Data protection authority
- natural person has right to restrict to Sister’s Aroma personal of use personal data;
- natural person has right to apply claim to local data protection authority.

Links to other websites
Sister’s Aroma Website may contain some links to other website. However, once natural person has used these links to leave Sister’s Aroma site, natural person should note that Sister’s Aroma do not have any control over those websites. Therefore, Sister’s Aroma cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information which natural person provide whilst visiting such sites, and such sites are not governed by this Privacy & Cookies Policy. Natural person should be cautious and look at the policy applicable to the website in question.

Changes and amendments to this Privacy & Cookies Policy
From time to time Sister’s Aroma may make changes or amendments to described above. These may be related with business innovations or changes to legislation. Sister’s Aroma will post the changes or amendments to this page and recommend from time to time visit this page to keep abreast of innovations. If Sister’s Aroma will make changes that materially alter natural person privacy rights, will provide additional notice via email. If natural person disagrees with the changes to this Privacy & Cookies Policy, please contact:  info@sistersaroma.com.
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