Sister's Aroma is a Ukrainian brand of niche perfumery, which was created by sisters Dasha and Julia:

Sister’s Aroma — is a beauty-brand created in 2018 by two sisters - Dasha and Yulia Burkovskaya. Experienced beauty-holics of our country quickly appreciated the tremendous quality of products, laconic packaging design and eco-friendly approach.

The main idea of the brand is the usage of eco-ingredients for products manufacturing, planet’s biodeversity preservation and full safity for the environment, packaging recycling after products’ usage, and also the refusal of animal testing.

Sister’s Aroma company has gone through the procedure of certification of European model (ECOCERT/Cosmos) for every component containing in products formula.

Everyone who uses Sister’s Aroma products can rest assured of the full pureness of the formulas and scientifically-studied components of the content.

In Sister’s Aroma we pay attention not only to the esthetic packaging, but also to the creation of luxurious olfactory compositions for the perfumes, home and car fragrances, sanitizers, body creams and also eco-candles made of soy-wax.


Our manifest is that S-beauty is the beauty affordable for every girl.

S-beauty is the generation of “smart” beauty that is chosen by beauty-holics with experience, who can read the content and demand the highest quality of products.

S-beauty is the everyday rituals of high-quality body care, that possess two main elements in its’ core: self-love and caring about the environment.

This philosophy is not about the new trends. It is about the maximum comfortable and pleasant way of living, which is very close for hedonists and which you fall in love with from the very first usage and forever.

For us, S-beauty is:

Sister's — the sisterhood as the manifestation of the unconditional and absolute love that has no limits.

Smart — we manufacture multitask products that can be used for different purposes. For example, we regularly find out that our bodylotion wonderfully hydrates the hair and helps to form more precise curls, and our lip balm can perfectly work as a blush.

Science — we choose only thoroughly studied, pure and eco-friendly components for our formulas.

Safety — we produce fully safe for the skin and the planet products.

Skin — we are sure that ideal skin, which as if glows from the inside, can exist not only in Instagram masks. But also in reality.

Slow living — indispensable slow rituals at the end of a hard day as a specific type of happiness for every girl.

Soft — we are sure that every touch of the product should bring you joy. It’s not just the esthetic design that helps, but also the soft touch packaging that gives rise to a desire to have our bottles on the shelf in the bathroom.

The brand’s philosophy — Smart like skin

The skin is the most “tech” organs of our body. All that is needed from us is to help it to preserve and enhance it’s most important natural functions: regeneration, elasticity maintenance and potection from the agressive effect of the environment.

Sister’s Aroma designs “smart” products that complement and reinforce natural functions of the skin. To create bioidentical care products, that are easily absorbed by the cells, our formulas contain probiotics, ceramids, natural shea, avocado, jojoba and macadamia oils, and other components. They day by day improve the cells immunity and skin’s condition.

Our creams, perfumes and aroma-diffusers are regularly written about in such famous editions as Vogue, ELLE, Cosmopolitan, L'Officiel, Marie Claire, The Village, Viva,,, Beauty Hub and others.


Sister’s Aroma
00-831, Poland, Warsaw, Twarda 44 str.;
КRS: 0000990359;
NIP: 5273017918;
REGON: 523030588.

Space Logistics Sp.z.o.o.
05-870 Błonie, Pass 20i budynek 15

Mon - Fri 09:00 - 20:00
Sat 09:00 - 18:00



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