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What are woody fragrances in perfumes?

Woody fragrances are a large perfume family, dominated by notes of the woody group. These include the smells of fresh wood, oak moss, juniper, conifer, bark. At the genetic level, people associate the aromas of wood and forests with comfort, security, and warmth. Therefore, the perfume of the woody group is always popular. The variety of this group allows both men and women to choose the fragrance considering the preferences of their nose, the chosen image, the emotion that they want to demonstrate to others.

Features of woody fragrances

The fragrant resin of conifers has been used in medicine, aromatherapy, and perfumery for hundreds of years. Essential oils were part of the incense used in ancient temples. In the Middle Ages, resins were included in the formulations by healers and alchemists. Now, wood ingredients have not lost their relevance. They are still part of perfumes and incense for the home.

On an industrial scale, wood extracts have been used in perfumery for two hundred years now. The perfumery masters appreciated the ability of the notes of the "forest" to have a positive effect on the emotional state of people. They endow the perfume composition with warmth and nobility. The thickness and long-lasting sound of forest tannins led to the fact that they began to be used as base notes. This is how a separate perfume group appeared — perfumes with a woody scent.

Today, not only natural, but also synthetic ingredients are used in perfumery. Their general features are astringency, velvety, light bitterness with smoky undertones.

The family of woody fragrances is large. The most popular woody notes are:

  • Cedar. The fragrance endows the perfume with a warm bodied character. The smell has a positive effect on the mood, it soothes and relaxes.
  • Sandalwood. This is the sweetest woody fragrance that is widely used in perfumery. It fills the perfume with depth and mystery. At the same time, it is light and comfortable.
  • Pine and spruce. The aroma of pine and spruce adds crystal freshness and purity to the perfume. It is well received by most people, especially when surrounded by citrus notes.
  • The pistachio fragrance endows the perfume with nobility, warmth, velvety, and elegance. Often, this woody note is used in men's oriental perfumes.
  • Cypress gives the perfume a tart, moist aroma of the morning forest.
  • The notes of fir are like those of pine, but more voluminous. They are warmer and brighter.
  • The notes of birch gives the perfume freshness. As a rule, birch notes are left for the trail.

Mosses, roots, bark, and resins are also used to obtain woody notes. Rarely is it a mono fragrance. The woody smell of perfume sounds especially interesting when surrounded by notes of fougère, chypre, citrus, and oriental groups.


Woody notes of varying concentration are present in 90-95% of all perfumes. Let's find out how experts classify them into groups:

  • Pure woody perfume is rare. As a rule, a perfumer builds a composition around a single note — sandalwood, cedar, fir.
  • Fougère woody fragrances often include notes of coumarin, lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, moss.
  • Chypre woody fragrances are based on a combination of notes of moss, rose, cedar, vanilla, fir.
  • Oriental woody perfumes often include the soft sweetness of vanilla, notes of spices and noble wood.
  • Woody citrus scents are known for their freshness. They are based on moist notes of bergamot, lemon, moss, and bark. In this combination, the woody fragrant emphasizes the sunny accents of citrus.
  • Musky wood perfume combines the scents of musk and cedar or sandalwood. The composition is soft and elegant.
  • Woody amber perfume is characterized by strength and versatility of its character.
  • Floral woody fragrances are often based on combinations such as rose and oud, lily and pine, jasmine, and sandalwood, geranium and cedar.
  • Woody spicy perfumes are very popular. Spices enhance the beauty of woody notes, while woody accents soften the spicy astringency.
  • Woody leather perfumes are always included in the category of expensive, elite perfumes. This combination is considered magnificent in perfumery.
  • A woody marine fragrance is known for its freshness. In fragrance, the abruptness of water is softened by forest notes. The perfume is considered interesting and popular and therefore always appears on the top list of the best women's and men's perfumes.

Woody fragrances for women and men: we will tell you a secret of their popularity

Initially, woody fragrances were reserved only for men's perfumes. Today, however, this has changed and noble wood is used more and more often. Modern women are independent and active and, therefore, they need an appropriate aromatic accessory. In turn, men could not completely give up perfumes with woody scents, because these notes, combined with warm nuances, soften the image and give it the characteristics of a noble defender.

What is interesting about Sister's Aroma woody perfumes?

In the niche perfume Sister's Aroma, woody notes are often used. Such compositions are striking in their depth, nobility, and purity. These are both elegant and powerful fragrances that can make their owner stand out from the crowd. For example, the unisex perfume Once, which combines notes of jasmine, fruit, saffron, and amber of white cedar, will be a great addition to a brutal business look. Niche perfumes for men – perfume Male, in which notes of gin and iced are surrounded by woody fragrances, are suitable for an elegant evening or stylish office look. This is one more fragrance for lovers of woody perfumes to add to favorites. The perfume Black Moon combines notes of violet, amber, saffron, sandalwood, thyme, white cedar, and patchouli. A complex bouquet will surely emphasize your individuality.

Any of the mentioned fragrances are available at our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you describe a woody fragrance?

Noble, moist, tart and light at the same time, like the smell of the morning forest.

Who are woody scents suitable for?

A woody perfume will be a perfect aromatic accessory for those who prefer strict aristocratic elegance in clothes. Perfume will be appropriate for business and evening looks.

What is the difference between men's and women's woody perfumes?

In men's compositions, woody notes are often used in heart notes. In women's, it is the trail of the composition.

How do I know if woody perfume is suitable for me or not?

If you don't try, you won't know. Niche perfumes on different people's skin reveal themselves in different ways. Buy a sample to understand if you have a perfect match with the fragrance.

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